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Session 2: The Dog Brothers 12/2/713

Session 2 - Dogs and rats - by Hayden (Leon Varju)

After the party had rested and began planning what was next. Leon explored the alcoves managing to locate a hidden chest while the others guarded the stairs and the doorway. After requesting assistance from Rex to open the complex chest, A glare and yell of hurry up! echoed from Jenn the rogues managed to open two of the six or eight draws finding nothing in one while the other had two vials of mysterious liquid with a spider emblem (later found to be poison after the Tasarus gave them the once over). During this time the Vialya's keen senses heard some voices beyond the door, hurriedly closing the door and bracing it until Jenn hauled a desk against the door, while this alerted the beggar kings men outside it brought the party time and leaving the fateful stairs as their only option forwards. Again Leon attempted to prove he wasn't there to die taking to the stairs once more which had proved costly earlier, he crept up hoping to peer behind the curtain, nearing the top of the staircase nearly able to pull the curtain back a stair creaked as he place his weight upon it then a crossbow bolt jetted past narrowly missing him at once he fled down the stairs leaving the others to deal with this menace. 

Erik scoffing at Leon, charged through the curtain bull rushing one of the dog brother soldiers forcing him back, the enemy scattered away from the stairs slightly as paladin began his attacks, Rex determined to show that he was just as capable in combat as anyone ran up the stairs moving past the paladin who was now nearly surrounded taking all that the enemy could deal, Rex scored first blood downing one foe while Erik battled the dogs sergeant who had entered the fray. Erik now bloodied and battling hard launched an attack on the dogs Sgt not enough to fell him but he was left bloodied none the less, in his retaliation his attacks had the paladin on the back foot fending what strikes he could then with a mighty cleaving strike Erik had fallen to the ground in bloody armoured heap, Jenn had now entered the battle spurred on with her rage at seeing the paladin struck down. She moved in quickly imparting her own words of survival upon Erik which served as a motivation to get up and keep fighting, as she moved into range of the Sgt.... while battle raged upstairs the door barricaded with the desk burst open and two of the beggar kings men moved towards tasarus. Before Tasarus had time to launch any magic he was forced to fail his wand at the attacker clipping him across the head which gave Leon enough time to score two piercing strikes dropping the foe to the floor, after lingering in the back rooms gathering scrolls and a bag of coins Vialya emerged to see scenes of battle quickly launching a spell she felled the remaining enemy... 

Jenn's battle with the Sgt had reached its conclusion plunging her sword through his chest he dropped to his knees she then placed a foot on him and withdrew the blade the last thing he would've seen was her victorious grin, the two remaining soldiers retreated upon the arrival of the remaining party members, the rogues buoyed by their new found confidence in battle gave chase, with Jenn not far behind lamenting their poor choice of tactic, however they got the slip on both the rogues. A slight rest and gathering of supplies was in order, Erik found a magic sword, Jenn some javelins some silver and one of which crackled with thunderous energy, Vialya’s earlier finds of money were was promptly handed over to our leader Jenn, after some more searching a secret stash was found which contained a mysterious half-filled sealed jug and a few other items. 

Passing through a secret door into small room filled with rats the followings words spoken by Jenn "Rats!?!? We’re going to fight rats" or at least something to that effect. Were swallowed promptly as Rex who had clearly the same thought soon found himself overwhelmed by the little beasts forcing him to retreat while they bit him until shook himself clean of them. Everyone’s strikes were almost ineffective against the tide of rats for every one cut down it seemed more took their place eventually Tasarus was able to launch his magic against the swarm whittling their number down enough for them to disperse.... 

In next room the odour of sweat and smelly feet filled the air with the distinct sense of a possible ambush lurking nearby...

Messing with chest etc: 125
Stairs & Dog Brothers: 600
Dog Brother War Captain Irocar: 175
Finding Irocar's treasure: 100
Rat swarms: 500 
Total: 1500/6 = 250 xp each.
250+415 = 665 
Session Account XP: 25+665=690 XP total.

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