Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sellswords of Punjar

Far south of wintry Nentir Vale, the rat-ridden city of Punjar straddles the mouth of the White River where she flows into the Midnight Sea. Deep within the heart of Old Punjar's slums, the Beggar-King weaves his plots. Consorting with diabolical agents of the Iron Circle, he has launched a war to take control of Punjar's underworld. From the tile rooftops to the filthy alley sewers, even the bravest of sellswords tremble before the Beggar-King's fell secrets. Now you must bring his reign to an end! 

Player Introduction
The Steps district of Punjar to the south of Old Punjar's foul slums, known as The Smoke. Red-brick houses and narrow cobbled streets wind upward towards the imposing Palace of the Overlord sat squat upon the hill high above, overlooking the slow-moving White River to the north-east.
Here, in an upstairs room of a tavern called Smokey Joe's, a ragtag group of heroes, knaves and misfits are gathered. Each of you has responded to a hand delivered note:

"My friend, your assistance is requested for a matter of great import. Dark forces threaten our fair city, and persons of high importance require the aid of capable heroes. Be sure that you shall be well rewarded! Seek me out at the inn called Smokey Joe's, at the ninth hour of Twelthday, and I shall explain the mission.
-Geroff Nisjal, Master of Smoke."

Geroff Nisjal, 'Master of Smoke'

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