Sunday, 13 January 2013

PC Background: Leon Varju (Hayden)- Human Rogue

Leon Varju "The Emerald Crow"
Of an average height and wiry build. With cropped brownish/black hair, a scar crossing the top of his head and watchful dark brown eyes.
The emerald crow got his name due to his fascination with emerald artefacts, which generally have already been dug up and retrieved by Archaeologists or other treasure hunters. Other treasures come prized as well but nothing like the lustre of an emerald one. Now turning to adventuring to make the final big score after it was denied to him due to an incident when selling obsidian & topaz carved frog totem with burning amber eyes to a nobleman who was so enamoured with acquiring the totem kissed it and then began to transform into a gargantuan frog, In a panic he fled the scene forgetting to grab the gold before the transformation was complete. Rumours later spread the house had overrun with frogs as a prank while the family were away there were also murmurings of a giant frog devouring a nobleman’s family and that a totem of ramenos was found also circulated. The frog hasn't been seen since, this happened over a year ago now as result he's been on edge since in case it comes back for him...

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