Wednesday, 16 January 2013

PC Background: Erik Van Karsen (Dana/Pierre) - Human Paladin

In the taverns you have heard the talk of the Plainsbourne Paladin. He has richer skin than the average Punjaran?, and dark green eyes. His hair is the lustrous black . But there is something else. He has not the level gaze of a righteous champion. Something in the shape or intensity of his eyes speaks of the fury and passion of the wildest beast. He wears a tabbard bearing no family heraldy but the symbols of Bahamut.

It is said that his foreign mother brought him to Punjar and died a few years later. After time as a street rat he was taken in by Theodan van Karsen, aged priest of the Platinum Dragon. Out of respect for his adopted sire, he took the van Karsen name, and pledged himself to Bahamut. It would seem to be true, for the young man now wears Theodan armour. It is also said he was betrothed to a young cleric (Liara) who met an untimely end at the claws of some vile and predatory undead.

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