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Session 1: Cutpurse Alley 12/2/713 NR (Nerath Reckoning)

Erik's Diary:
Dear Diary Session 1
I have been in mourning too long.  I have forgotten the pace and excitement of melee.  It gladdens my weary heart to again battle alongside worthy companions.  I must begin a new life.  The touch of the dead tore my soul and took from me Liara, my heart's dear treasure.  But I survived.  The omen of my birth still burns in the heavens.  I have prayed to the Platinum Dragon to heal my ragged spirit, and as I venture with these new companions, I can feel the recovery begin.

I accepted this invitation-"My friend, your assistance is requested for a matter of great import. Dark forces threaten our fair city, and persons of high importance require the aid of capable heroes. Be sure that you shall be well rewarded! Seek me out at the inn called Smokey Joe's, at the ninth hour of Twelthday, and I shall explain the mission.-Geroff Nisjal, Master of Smoke."And met a gathering of these folk-Rex Deveron, a "scout" and dagger-fighter.  Quiet.  But precise and efficient.Jenn Morgan, a Half-Elf of clear voice and powerful though perhaps reluctant charisma.Vialya Akmenos, a Devil blooded magician.  Sinister perhaps, but hopefully not beyond redemption.  Elthar Danikus, a bard.  Young and untried as of yet.  Perhaps his greatest tale will be our own.Tasarus, a Deva magician.  What a fortuitous omen to have a celestial among us!Leon Varju, another "scout".  Half-mad with bravery perhaps, but admirable for his zeal.Ayoka (f), an Elven Ranger.  Out of place here in Punjar, but not unwelcome among us.
Our host, Geroff Nisjal, explained that he would have us rid the city of the Beggar King, and disperse his band like the haze that has fallen over Punjar.  We were told that we should seek out the Charnel Tower, for the Beggar King lairs nearby.  As payment, he offered 11 platinum to each of us.  Perhaps my tithe will be enough to keep the orphanage of Pelor running for several months when it is all said and done.  To each of us he has already paid a single silvery coin. Ayoka dismissed Punjar as a symbol of human folly, but took the coin none the less.
I have heard the rumour that The Beggar King is allied with a Devil-blooded warlock, who keeps a cadre of eunuch bodyguards.  And I have heard also, that the Beggar King keeps his treasure secured beneath his throne-room.  Perhaps we shall discover if there is any truth to these fragments of gossip.  With luck we will send the warlock's soul hurtling back down to the depths of the Nine Hells.  
We wasted no time in heading towards the Charnel Tower.  On the way, we encountered some of the city guard.  They were pleasant enough, but had no real information to offer us save that the slums had been quieter for the past few days.
Beyond them, we encountered Kiriss, an ally of our employer.  He had little information to give us and after a brief encounter was convinced to let us through.  
Nearing the smoking tower, we were stopped by a formidable gate.  Rex attempted to unlock it and would've lost fingers in its monstrous jaws, had he not have pulled back his hand so swiftly.  With considerable effort, Jenn and I pried open the entrance.
Leon crept ahead carefully.  Atop a roof of the alley, an ambush had been prepared.  Scythes swept down from above reaping a terrible toll on our man.  He responded, I am not sure how in the darkness, but with powerful result He then withdrew to the safety of our company.  The guards came on down the alley after him at which point a full scale battle erupted.  I took one of the attackers in a fury, but left my defenses wide.  A companion stepped ahead to cover me as I regained my stance.  I could hear Elthar and Jenn tending to Leon and by Bahamut's Discorporating Breath, there must have been magic in their words for he recovered soon enough.  A dagger hurtled through the air past my right arm and stuck deep in the chest of a beggar-guard.  I believe it was Rex who threw it, but in the darkness and chaos I couldn't be sure.  The guards slain I proceeded to the first doorway.  As I kicked it open, I realised that my companions hadn't had the same idea.  Rex searching the bodies of our enemies, others were caught in discussion.
At any rate, the doorway opened into a storeroom.  Two thugs stood within swords drawn.  Our group fought hard to gain entry and succeeded.  Both fell to blade or spell.  A smaller man appeared and joined the fray calling out to allies (The Dog Brothers) deeper in for assistance.  Here I was frustrated, for I could not reach our foe.  Viayla leveled a powerful spell at the newcomer twinning glistening spiked chains of ice around him, holding him fast.  Then an aberrant beast grasped me with its tentacle!  I was to be drawn down to my death in a reeking pit of filth.  Our leader, Jenn aborted its attempt to consume me.  She drew the monstrousity into the storeroom with a fierce and challenging cry that must have infuriated its primordial brain.  Rex struck it a deadly blow.  My world dissolved around into red rage, and my blade bit deep.  An again Vialya casting some powerful hex drew forth something the pulsed and writhed out of the beasts mass with the power of her magic.  It fell, lifeless.  And the remaining rogue was overcome.
Leon the Bold took the stairs beyond three at a time.  Something sent him sprawling back down the stairs, out cold.  I pulled him clear of the line of fire and channel The Platinum Dragon's mercy into his body.  There was an exchange of fire between a crossbowman and our elven archer Ayoka.  The crossbowman lost.  Arrow protruding from his neck he too tumbled back to to ground floor.  Towards the end of the battle Tasarus hurled magical lightning up the stairs the effect of which is unknown as yet.
The bard Elthar had a brilliant idea to draw the rest of the Dog Brothers out, but needs to find the right wording.  We could here them moving about above us...

XP (Experience Points) for the 8 PCs who assaulted the lair of the Beggar King:
Dealing diplomatically with Kiris & the Thieves - 125
Demon Maw Gate - 400
Beggar Sentries - 500
2 Bazaar guards - 250
Old Otyugh - 262
Arthuro the Fence - 175
Dog Brother merc xbowman - 100
Total: 1812/8 = 226 XP each.
+14 XP roleplay bonus = 240 XP each.
Post-Session 6 Backgrounds & Session account = +175 XP each, total 415 XP each.

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