Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Session 12: The Big Dead and the Catamaran 21/8-23/8/713 NR

Return from cave, battle solo zombie on trail at night, rest in village.
Guide leads group north-west to hidden catamaran cave; defeat guards and capture Inknose.
Oar the catamaran west to the Dead Island, after midnight enter the sea caves and see the pirate ship under attack by the Sea Drake...

The Big Dead - Solo Zombie XP 1250/6=208x1.5=312.
Inknose the Goblin & co: 
Spider 175x1.5=262 
Goblin Swabbies 186
Inknose 250x1.5=375
Rik (flees) 75 
Total 898/6=150
Level 1 quest - rescue the men 100 XP
Catamaran Navigation 40 XP
Level 2 Quest - find the enemy base: 125 XP 
Total: 727+5551=6278 XP
Leon's account +77=6355 XP
7500 XP for Level 6.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Session 11: Meet the Natives 21/8/713 NR

Leon Varju's Account
Session 11 – Turning South and Goblins

After the brief skirmish amongst the scrub and dunes, Varis took point following a trail left behind from a female native spotted watching us immediately fleeing realising she'd been seen. With the cicadas thrum in the background and the humid jungle island heat bearing down on us we trekked for five hours the heat causing discomfort for us especially Erik who somehow wasn't cooked alive in his plate mail. The cleric on the other hand looked not at all bothered by the heat some might say a divine breeze or that spending time in the island paradise of Hestivar home to Erathis may have helped, we'd never know.

After some minor insect bites and a short rest the jungle began to give way leading out to village clearing which appeared to have been attacked as the native woman were attempting to repair the fire damaged buildings though avoiding the largest hut being that two zombies were restrained and blindfolded as we approached the woman fled, after a quick vote it was deemed Jenn would be best suited to the diplomatic approach here, though not before several remarks were made about her abilities as a diplomat especially after the whole Dragora fiasco, still Jenn made her stand daring anyone else to step up "I thought not" as everyone averted her gaze for fear of being cut down where they stood. As Jenn made her way forwards into the village, Leon and Varis slipped off into the tree line reasoning should things turn south they'd be able to launch a surprise attack. As Jenn walked into the village a mighty Gnoll emerged from what was probably the chiefs hut sniffing the air it's fiery orange eyes locking onto Jenn who had stopped halfway on sighting the towering creature, as the gnoll walked towards her it barked broken common to the warrior natives who emerged from hiding moving to surround the heroes.

As expected reasoning with a Gnoll rarely goes well, if ever. In fact you’re lucky to make it that far. Perhaps Jenn's noble tongue was a bit strong or even just attempting to talk to the thing was reason enough, letting out a maniacal giggle the gnoll's dull yellow mane bristled followed a by swing of its weapon which was telegraphed ever enough for Jenn to shift out of the way, Varis and Leon broke cover Varis taking a right towards the zombies while Leon took the left towards the shaman's hut clearly both had plans of what was to be done but hadn't actually bothered to discuss them with each other. Meanwhile Captain Kaldi charged the gnoll followed by Erik who dispatched a native warrior in making his way to the gnoll allowing Jenn to recover her weapons after meeting some of the Gnoll's earlier demands. Nevi and Adell went about dispatching the remaining native warriors who had taken out both remaining members of Captain Kaldi's crew, as Adell took a few arrows for her troubles. Nevi eventually directed her divine wrath at the gnoll.

The Gnoll dealt as many injuries as it took eventually succumbing to deaths call, during this pitched battle Varis had dealt significant damage to one of the undead corpses before falling back should he be overwhelmed by the stench they hung about them, this allowed them to again violently expel gobs of parasitic worms through the air thankfully to Erathis' divine presence they weren't able to cause as much harm as they otherwise could have done. Finally Leon reappeared puffing slightly and shouting "the woman won't help us" as Erik had made his way to finish off the zombies but not before the emerald crow let loose his magical shuriken which struck the zombie in its brain dropping the abomination to the ground almost at once the corpse began to writhe and inflate Leon yelling "Run" in a rather pitched note taking off towards the safety of a hut leaving Erik only moments to cover-up with his shield before being showered in rotting flesh and gore, the final rotted corpse was destroyed by ertharis's holy light.
The native woman communicating through the shaman expressed their thanks and explained the history of the islands and the events that had taken place leading the heroes to assist in the release of village men who had been taken prisoner and were to be transformed into the walking corpses that been cut down moments before.

Below has been translated from goblin and amended where possible... 
Skrit our best lookout up a tree tricked by a human speaking goblin, all goblins know a human speaks goblin badly. From the dark places they came skrit fell dead from the tree, next a red lady whom leap over the smelling pit attack skunkgut and me Rick, we hurt her good then the goblin speaker appearing next to her demanded we give up then nicked my nose we laugh at the goblin speaker and move away from the red lady who bleeding and starting to chop-up skunkgut. Both Skunkgut and Me Rick spiked red lady good through her guts she stuck to the ground and no longer try to chop us up, Shiny do gooder running towards the cave with arrows in his shoulder lots of shouting from there.
Skunkgut sees red lady arm move first she pull spikes out of her guts and stands with no holes in her, she runs towards us hacking up skunkgut real bad the goblin speaker follows her again, insulting us "beaten by a girl" he speaks. When to me ricks horror skunkgut is spiked dead through the side of his head exploding into a bright shocking light, me rick thrown into smelling pit and surrenders..
The Prisoners free, the goblin speaker pulls me rick out of smelling pit and asks "know where any treasure is?"

Navigating Through Jungle twice: 200
Roleplay/Negotiation: 175
Battle in Village
Kravl the Gnoll 250x1.5=375
6 Comiqui warriors 62x6=372
2 Rotspitter Corpse 175x2=350x1.5=525
Comiqui Hunter (wounded): 50x1.5=75
Total: 1347
Goblin Pirates' Cave
2 Rigging Rats 125x2=250x1,5=375
3 Boarders 100x3=300x1.5=450
Waste Trench 100
Total: 925
Grand Total: 2647/6=441
Leon's Account +40
Rick's Account +20
Total: 5551
5500 XP for Level 5.
Level 5 reached! Gain a Daily power.
7500 XP for Level 6.

You reach a Milestone, +1 Action Point.