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Session 13: The Last Battle 23/8/713-15/9/714 NR

Leon's Account:
Session 13 As the Crow Flies - Part 1

It is unusual to fine a crow in the ocean but bobbing about in a rowboat filled with gold and broken glass is exactly where the emerald crow found himself, wondering how he was going to explain this turn of events...


With the grapple finally latched onto the railing after manoeuvring the rowboat to the rear of the ship and avoiding the sea drake. Inknose begged to assist us whether his intentions were true we'd never know as he slipped and fell from the rope, falling between the ship and rowboat and at unfortunate timing as a rogue wave from the wake of the sea drake pushed our craft into the ship crushing the goblin.
The party merely shrugged off the goblin's misfortune and Varis began the now slightly more perilous rope climb, an outcry of orders and chaos could be heard above as the sea drake slammed its body against the ship. With Varis nearly able to board the ship a fireball came streaking over the sea drake and much too close to us as the fire burnt Vagrim, Adel and merely scorching the sea drake which was enough for it to pay us closer attention but our luck held as it flicked its tail against the ballista crews on the docks and then drew it's gaze back to the ship determined to sink it.

As Varis neared the top a gnoll peered over the railing sighting Varis and the would-be boarders drove it into hysterical giggle launching its flail at the Elven avenger. The Gnoll snarled in fury as the fail hit the railing as Varis had teleported straight behind the Gnoll and tumbling into a forward roll, the violence and magic Varis unleashed was that of a refined and systematic warrior as he almost finished off three quarters of the crew himself his last act of that battle was to teleport the Gnoll high above the water whom had been doing its best at hitting whoever came up the rope next, why it occurred for no one to go through the window I used in my escape is beyond me, though I have no right complain as I did the same and was struck by the vile gnolls flail. Varis's bold actions during this encounter were met with no reward but a demise of humiliation which came later that day, such a capable warrior deserved better.

With the crew almost dead and only the sea drake to really contend with I moved as quickly as possible finding a door to the captain’s cabin sadly the chest I found within which was trapped and in my haste I triggered narrowly avoiding the poison dart did not contain the coral crown but a small fortune in gold, I began loading the gold as quickly as I could.


The Crew now dead and the emerald crows apparent run for safety the others scowled his cowardice. Valgrim cut one of the mooring lines but with the sea drake still attacking the ship and without an outgoing tide the heroes realised they were going no-where fast and that something needed to be done about the seadrake and quickly as the ship wouldn't be able to take much more they made for shore avoiding the sea drakes monstrous jaws. The dock carved its way into a poorly lit chamber Varis’s keen elven senses spotting a gargoyle adorned with coral crown realising it was seen the gargoyle began to communicate with the elf both agreeing to terms of a mutual alliance. It was then that the terror inducing cries of great albino baboons broke the conversation. Everyone readied themselves for the coming threat...

The Pallid baboons rushed out from the dark of the corridor meeting Erik head on only for both of them to leap over and flank Adel while hobgoblins and an imp harried Erik, Valgrim moved to aid Adel, Varis had moved to strike from the darkness still afforded to him and finally Nevi at the rear. Their wizard master was the last to appear flanked by some archers he summoned some shimmering orbs of blue energy which hovered around him "The crown will be mine and you will die" with a flick of a finger one of the orbs glided gently towards the ensuing melee, eldritch lightning broke out amongst the combatants the Heroes of Punjar still standing "Impressive, no matter I will destroy you" again another orb of lightning glided fourth this time valgrim was overwhelmed by the pain as the wizard stood and watched on.

Varis burst out from the shadows striking the second of the baboons as the first one lashed out at Adel striking her down, Erik hearing her scream called upon the divinity of bahamut allowing Adel to stand and fight again as the paladin cut the imp so cleanly it never noticed until it began to burn up returning to nine hells from which it had been called. Nevi's healing powers almost exhausted he was able to raise valgrim back to consciousness allowing the fighter to cleave a hobgoblin and baboon the gargoyle followed up valgrims attack on the baboon the creature not even flinching at the injuries it had sustained at this point a ballista bolt slammed into the cavern wall Erik glanced at where it had come from and could see Leon manning one of the ballista’s on the dock with the sea drake eyeing him as food.

"Your feeble skills are no much for my power" the second to last orb unleashed its arcane energies driving the baboons to frenzy the first baboon drove nevi and Adel back, while second one clipped varis but was able to grab valgrim and twisted his head off then proceeded to ragdoll his body against the ground and wall of the cavern.

 Part 2

It was taking me a lot longer than I had expected to reload the ballista as I looked back up to aim the thing I saw in horror someone had fallen to one of apelike creatures from this distance I couldn't tell who it was as more lighting jumped about the room. Firing the second bolt from the ballista again my aim was off, how you aim these things against things smaller than a sea drake or dragon I don't know, It was then everyone began running towards me Varis was the first jumping into the water for he had been blessed with the natural ability to breath under water, followed by nevi and Adel and a gargoyle which also made for the water adorned with the coral crown we had been looking for , Erik was last holding the line as best he could before he broke back towards the dock.
Only now did I understand the true level of the threat before us as two great pale white baboons although one was now covered in blood and gore bounded down towards the others who'd grouped up 50ft in front of me then I saw him the white haired wizard in aqua blue robes inlaid with gold walking calmly with staff in hand spoke "Only now at the end do you understand your mistake" and with that a sole blue orb of energy began to glide to the others as strands of lighting began to strobe across the ground as it reached its destination it exploded and great tendrils lighting shot into nevi, Adel and varis who's form I could only just make out under water writhing then nothing slowly his body began to descend to the murky depths. At this I ran back to the ship glancing behind me I saw nevi with the same idea, sadly Adel was not so lucky resigned to her fate her eyes lost all sense of hope as a shower of daggers rained down on her then only to be hoisted by the already blood soaked baboon it grabbed her by the arms and legs and ripped her in half drinking the blood from her torso. I fled in terror back to the captain’s cabin shutting the door as the shipped felt like it was beginning to move running towards the window I jumped through it and landed in the rowboat cutting rope and began rowing assisted by the now outgoing tide.

Exhausted Nevi made it back aboard the boat his mind in panic, struggling to concentrate he was able to set the remaining mooring line alight but not soon enough as a hobgoblin had given chase It cut Nevi down his body fell to the gangplank and the hobgoblin smirking in victory kicked his corpse into the water.

With everyone gone Erik's mind broke even with the strict paladin training the deaths of Tasarus, Iriediana, Rex, Nevi, Adel, Varis and Valgrim overwhelmed his mind, bleeding and badly hurt only Bahamut's heedless fury is what drove him on charging the wizard.
"Your determination is admirable" smiling the wizard held his hand aloft; Erik’s sprit continued the charge only to stop at the edge of a frozen lake.
"Erik, your safe now", he turned to see his wife approach she grabbed his hand and stood by his side leaning her head on his shoulder as they watched the sunrise on the city of tempered souls.

PCs killed by Ulars Bhet and his men: Valgrim, Adell, the Avenger, Nevi, Erik. Leon escapes the carnage with the pirate treasure, as does the Kapoacinth, which swims away with the Coral Crown.

Leon rows back to the Living Island and reaches the friendly village around noon next day, where Jenn Morgan and Captain Kaldi Rodeck are recovering from their wounds. There is no more sign of the pirates, and over the next few months it becomes clear the Dead Island natives are in disarray, though low-level warfare continues between the two groups and Leon, Jenn & Kaldi are called on to help Snake Sister & co dispatch several zombies sent against Living Island.

Eventually one year later (M8 714 NR) a passing Punjari ship stops by to take on fresh water, and Leon, Jenn & Kaldi are rescued. 100gp from Leon's stash persuades the ship captain to take them back to Punjar in comfort.
Back in Punjar a few weeks later, Geroff Nisjal debriefs the three survivors. The attacks on shipping ceased once the Sea Gargoyle broke free with the Coral Crown. It seems that the pirate captain Ulars Bhet departed the Isle of the Sea Drake with his few remaining crew and some new recruits from the Dead Islanders, and still plagues the sea lanes. Still, Leon Jenn & Cpt Rodeck seem to have technically accomplished their mission briefing, so Geroff pays them each the remaining 500gp promised.

XP (x1.5/6=/4)

3 hobgoblin reavers 300
gnoll first mate 250
2 sea dogs 300
4 ballista crew 500
Nas'rel the imp 150
Total: 1500/4=375
Level 3 Quest: Escape the Islands: +150 XP
Total: 525+6278 XP=6803
7500 XP for Level 6.


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