Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Session 12: The Big Dead and the Catamaran 21/8-23/8/713 NR

Return from cave, battle solo zombie on trail at night, rest in village.
Guide leads group north-west to hidden catamaran cave; defeat guards and capture Inknose.
Oar the catamaran west to the Dead Island, after midnight enter the sea caves and see the pirate ship under attack by the Sea Drake...

The Big Dead - Solo Zombie XP 1250/6=208x1.5=312.
Inknose the Goblin & co: 
Spider 175x1.5=262 
Goblin Swabbies 186
Inknose 250x1.5=375
Rik (flees) 75 
Total 898/6=150
Level 1 quest - rescue the men 100 XP
Catamaran Navigation 40 XP
Level 2 Quest - find the enemy base: 125 XP 
Total: 727+5551=6278 XP
Leon's account +77=6355 XP
7500 XP for Level 6.

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