Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Session 5: End of the Beggar King 13/2/713. Reach Level 3.

Jenn Morgan escorts out the exhausted Maldar, and they return to Smokey Joe's with Zinsara. The group are joined by another of Geroff's allies, the former gladiator Red Adell. 
The group find a hidden alcove containing a trapped chest, but most of the treasure is gone, only a few coins remain. Pressing on, the group find a statue of Niramuth, the Rat God of Punjar, 'guarding' a pile of treasure. Erik wants to take the treasure despite the hundreds of rat-holes in the cavern, but wiser counsel prevails.
Opening the last door, the group confront the Beggar King at the base of the Charnel Tower, surrounded by a black aura in front of the lit charnel-oven. He is trapped in an eternal ritual, acting as a portal between this world and the Shadowhold. Swarms of shadow-bats attack; Leon closes the charnel oven but burnt Cinder Skeletons clamber forth to attack, while flame and black energy blasts from the King. Leon falls, but then as the Beggar King dies the bats disperse and the skeletons crumble to dust. A healing potion restores Leon, but then the dungeons begin to collapse!
The group flee up the stairs of the Charnel Tower, where stars twinkle in the blue light of pre-dawn. But above the final threat awaits; a great Umbral Drake, released into the world by the Beggar King's death.
The monster proves too much for the party, scouring them with deadly shadow-breath, biting and clawing. Heroes fall until only Rex Deveron still stands, using the Shadow Ring to bolster him. A dagger to the eye and at last the drake falls. Rex manages to save most of the party, but Tasarus is dead. 
Taking his body, the group leave the Smoke as dawn rises in the east (ca 07.30am), the sun dispersing the rain and smoke that has hung over the slums. Baroness Constance has left, her coach has apparently come at last. Geroff Nisjal thanks them, and informs them that the Overlord wishes to reward them personally and offer them a place in his personal retinue...
That evening, a cleaned-up party is presented to Overlord Amatheus in his Royal Court, a plump fellow who lounges on his throne surrounded by a bevy of concubines. Amatheus doles out the promised platinum coins, thanks them for their services, and offers them a place in his palace. The heroes accept, looking forward to their luxurious quarters with balconies overlooking the jasmine and rose-scented royal gardens, where fountains patter in the warm air of spring...

But what danger still threatens Punjar, that the Overlord needs such rough fellows in his court?

Evading Spear Trap on chest: 200
Not Messing with Rat God Statue: 250
Beggar King, Cinder Skeletons, & Bats: 950
Defeat the Umbra Drake: 1500
Level 3 Major Quest - Destroy the Beggar King: 750
Total: 3650/5=730
 730+1447 = 2177
Hayden's Session 5 account: 46 XP + 2177 = 2223 XP
Hayden's Session 4 account 46 XP +2223 = 2269 XP
Need 3750 XP for Level 4.

PCs on max XP: Leon, Rex, Erik & Tasarus
PCs 2nd level: Jenn, Maldar, Adell.

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